10 amazing home remedy how to do whitening nails, several tricks and several different home remedies on how to whiten your nails tips and tricks that I well show in this article about nail home remedy.10 Amazing home remedy how to do whitening nails

10 amazing home remedy how to do whitening nails?
*first thing, you’re going to do before you even start to whitening

your nails, you’re going to use nail polish remover to remove any nail polish.

1.Nail buffer lightly buff your nails to clean the surface.

2. Cuccio nail whitening paste, take and apply with all fingers. keep it 2 or 3 minute. after that you take your brush and scrub it on to all fingers nails, after that you can wash it and wipe it. Give your nail a nice shine.

3.Lemon, take a lemon you’re going to rub this directly onto your nails lemon is known

to remove stains. so this is going to help with all those yellow stains. you can also leave your hands

inside your Bowl, you can leave it in for a couple of

minutes. inside that lemon juice or you can apply lemon juice at night.

4.Baking soda, take one teaspoons, of baking soda one teaspoon of

lemon juice, you’re going to mix everything very well. you’re going to

apply this like a paste and you’re going to lightly massage it onto your nails.

you can leave it on for a couple minutes, or you can also use like a brush and

then after you left it on for a couple minutes. you can brush it very well and

then you’re going to rinse your hands.

5.Hydrogen peroxide, a half teaspoons of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, you’re

going to mix. this very well you’re going to leave it on for three minutes, you can

use this once a week. you can add more hydrogen peroxide and it’s going to form more it’s going to

be more liquid, you can leave your hands in the bowl you can leave them in there for about five

minutes, once you left it in for about five minutes, you can wash your hands

and then rinse them very well.

6.Vinegar, take a vinegar, in a bowl then you’re going to soak your fingernails. for about three to

five minutes, you can scrub it with a brush and then you’re going to rinse up

and towel dry.

7.Toothpaste, take whitening toothpaste, you’re going to apply it on your brush then you’re going

to scrub it on to all your fingernails you don’t have to leave it in for a long time we can just scrub it

and then rinse it and towel dry.

8.Hydrating, apply Cuccio natural milk and honey butter blend. over the palm of your

hydrating any home remedy sometimes tends to dry.

Base coat, base coat is going to help the nail polish. from staining your nails and from
getting that yellow look again, so always protect your nails with a base coat.

10.Vitamins and minerals , play major role in maintaining our overall health. White spots on nail may

Occur due to vitamin deficiency, so its better to have vitamins and reach food in your regular diet

which might help you to keep away from many health issues.

one of the reasons, is of if you smoke, some of them could be health reasons, vitamin deficiency,

vitamin A ,be iron and calcium deficiency, if you don’t know why your nails are

yellow and you already try to bleach them or have them whiten with all these the best

thing I suggest you do is go see your doctor and ask why your nails are still

having that yellowish color.

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