Hi, Friends.

Today I am going to describe how a typical day in my life,

Nothing is special, but every day is chance your life and and this is how I spents mines.

I usually wake up early morning,

I go to bathroom and refreshing my face.

First think I have read for my tea.

When I finishing my tea after 5min.

I use to go gym for 1 hours.

And after that me and my friends usually have lunch at my place.

Some time in restaurant.

And than have some relaxing time watching a movie.

After that I have dinner with my lovely family with my brother and sister.

I love writing,

Writing is a great way to relieve stress.

I like to get my negative thoughts down on paper and turn them into something beautiful.

Tv show, I get very happy when I get that notification from WWE wrestling entertainment , Smack down life.one of my favourite TV shows.

Lazy days, Rolling out of bed using cell phone with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.


I love music my favourite singer Linkin park, Tokiohotel.

Music is so wonderful because you fell like that the song is speaking to you,

And I think that’s how it can cause your mood to change so quickly.

_Thrijungli Blogger